Just checked my grades…and it was my best quarter ever, by far! I’m really happy, because this time last year I was a chemistry major, and I was really not enjoying school, and questioning why I was even majoring in chem. But last spring I changed my major (just slightly) to biochemistry, and this fall I began the core class series for biochem. The classes are so interesting. I was really feeling like I made the right decision in changing my major, because this stuff is really cool. And then today I found out I got a 4.0 in the class!

Anyway, our anniversary was great, and dinner was so good. I felt sick afterwards, I ate so much. Daniel was so impressed by the brussels sprouts that came with his fish that he asked our server where they get them, and it turns out Chez Shea uses Full Circle Farm as well! Now we just have to find out why they haven’t been including them in our box every week.

Our dinner party was fabulous. There were just 6 of us, so it was really small and intimate. Our guests were wonderful, and they brought a couple of bottles of delicious wine, too. We’ve decided we need to entertain more, especially now that we’ve accumulated the dishes, silverware, and glassware to make it easy to have people over.

I’m in Spokane now, at my mom’s house. We just finished baking eight dozen cookies to fill some cookie jars that Mom bought to give to friends. Mom’s cookies are the best — take a standard chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe, replace half the oatmeal with coconut, and add butterscotch chips. They taste great.

Anyway, Daniel and I are about to head out to Old Navy to pick up some gifts (and maybe some $40 cashmere for myself…)


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