I just took my last final today, and I am done until the new year! And tomorrow, Daniel and I celebrate our fifth anniversary! Which means that I get to open all of my Christmas presents from him tomorrow, and they look like they’re gonna be good…

Thankfully, I haven’t been studying too hard and it’s actually been a very restful finals week. And I’ve been eating well. Daniel made his delicious seafood stew on Saturday, and I had the leftovers for lunch on Sunday. We’ll be making this again on Friday for a little dinner party.

The picture’s not good, but you’ve got the whole rainbow in that bowl — blue/purple potatoes, green onions, yellow stock, orange carrots, red bell peppers, and some pink shirmp. Love this soup.

I also tried out a Cook’s Illustrated recipe promising thick and chew gingerbread cookies recipe, and they turned out as promised. You have to subscribe to Cook’s Illustrated online to see the recipe, but I also found a variation here.

We’re having a cookie exchange at work, and I think I’ll bring these, since they turned out so well.

I recently ordered some cookies cutters from The Little Fox Factory and they are wonderful, and priced so well! I really wanted a goat cookie cutter (to make gingerbread Julbockar, the Swedish Christmas goat), and I ended up with a goat, squirrel, llama, whale, and reindeer for $9, shipped.

And Daniel also made some of the best cookies I’ve ever had — they’re from the Chocolate & Zucchini cookbook via David Lebovitz’s blog. And they are amazing. You simply have to make them for yourself — they have the best texture — soft, but mealy and crumbly, almost like an oreo made with cornmeal…or something. Anyway, they are fabulous.

Tomorrow, to celebrate our anniversary, we are sleeping in (a rare occurrence for Daniel), going to IKEA (party because we need to before the party on Friday, partly because I actually want to spend my anniversary surrounded by cheap Swedish merchandise and meatballs), and then we have reservations at the incredibly intimate and romantic Chez Shea for dinner. Plus presents! So tomorrow will be a good day.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!
    I hope you have a good time it sounds like a great day.

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