Yesterday I was totally productive. I slept in with Daniel (we *never* get to sleep in together on the weekends because he normally has to go to work), and then we got up and made delicious lentil soup together. Then I cleaned the entire apartment. I always end up cleaning on the weekend, but I can never seem to get it all clean at the same time. I got some Christmas shopping done and wrapped, showered, and almost finished writing my Christmas cards, all before Daniel got home at 9:30 and we watched some tv together (also a rarity these days).

Tonight, though, I’m just chillin’. Even though I have a final on Wednesday, a project due on Friday and more finals next week. daniel and I made Swedish pancakes. It’s all good, though. These things have to be balanced.

One response to “productivity

  1. You sound like you had the perfect day – which is lovely. Enjoy them when they happen, and remember them on suckier days. It helps!

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