it only happens once a year, folks

I don’t mean Christmas; I’m talking about snow in Seattle. At about 1:15 yesterday afternoon tiny solitary snowflakes began to fall outside the apartment. The temperature couldn’t have been much below 35 degrees, so I knew it couldn’t last. In fact, I wasn’t expecting the snow to get as deep as it did.

It started out light…

But by the time I had to venture out of the house at 3pm, a good inch had fallen and was even sticking to the roads a little.

I was thinking “I’d better get a shot of falling snow behind the Christmas tree — I won’t have another chance for sure.”

By 4, though, it was melting, and it poured rain all day today. It was a lovely way to start December. I’m from Eastern Washington, which most people don’t know is very different, climate-wise (and politically, but that’s another story) from Seattle and the West side. In the rain shadow of the Cascades, summers are hotter and winters are colder. My family has about 3 inches and counting in Spokane right now. I love Seattle and I’m so happy to be living here, with the rain and the green, but if I didn’t get back to Spokane for the holidays, I sure would miss my white Christmases.


One response to “it only happens once a year, folks

  1. Oh, Sarah…that’s just beautiful.

    We get a Dusting (thats generous) of snow about every 10 years here in Sacramento. Everyone FREAKS out and runs outside. It really melts before it hits the ground I think…But it’s just so exciting to see.

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