Well, I am back from Spokane and I don’t plan on taking any more breaks from NaBloPoMo till November is over. This weekend was pretty tough, though. You can never really go back to your hometown once you’ve left it for good. Everything is different than you expect…anyway, enough of that.

I’m posting from school in between classes, so I don’t have pics, but Daniel and I put up the Christmas tree last night! I also strung up the gorgeous Tord Boontje garland that Daniel snagged for me last winter from eBay, after I was so disappointed that they had sold out so quickly at Target. With candles lit, the living room looks very festive.

Our fifth anniversary is coming up on December 13th, so we will exchange Christmas presents then. Daniel says he’s already got mine, and “it’s not what you think it is”. But he may be bluffing. In the meantime, I need to figure out what I’m getting him! I always buy him clothes, which loves, but it is our five-year anniversary, and I don’t want to get more of the same old stuff for him. I can’t really say more, here, though, because he reads my blog.

Well, tomorrow I will hopefully have some pictures and be in a happier mood. Until then!

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