Well, today I took my last midterm of the quarter. The rest of this week will be a pleasant little break before the big 2-week countdown to finals. I’m really enjoying this quarter so much more than last year. I really let myself burn out last year by vacillating between never going to class and then studying my butt off before exams. I’m proud to say that despite having an 8:30 class three times a week (compared to 10:30 every day last year), I’ve never missed a lecture, and I’m doing well in all my classes. (BTW, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a junior biochemistry major.)

So tonight I’ve been resting. I took a little nap before dinner, and after dinner I had a delicious baked apple for dessert. Tomorrow is my last day at work before Thanksgiving, and on Wednesday, Daniel and I are driving back to Spokane (our mutual hometown, on the East side of the state) for Thanksgiving with our parents. I had better start making my Christmas list!

Oh, and I have a question: I’ve been hearing excellent things about The Daring Book for Girls. I’m actually tempted to get a copy for myself. But my beloved only niece’s 7th birthday is coming up. If someone had given me that book when I was her age, I would have been absolutely beside myself. But I’m not sure what her reading level is, and she’s so different, personality-wise than I am/was. Should I hold off for another year, or get it now before one of her other adoring aunts and uncles does?

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