it’s not all yellow…

Well, now that you’ve had a peek at the living room, and you all know that my favorite color is yellow, how about a peek at the bedroom? Hint: it’s not yellow, but it’s close. (And you know, if this duvet cover had been on sale for $99 (!) when we were buying our bedding, the bedroom would be yellow and gray, like the living room, no question. But I will. resist. the. temptation. to buy it now).

Anyway, the bedroom is orange, but only half of it was clean, so you only get to see the part with the bed in it. It’s a nice large room, though, about 10′ x 13′. The bed’s a king, so it fills the space quite nicely. And if you’ve never shared a king-sized bed with someone, you should know that it’s awesome.

Like most things in my house, the duvet is from IKEA. The curtains, which block out light excellently, were a great find from

The bedside tables are just IKEA Lack tables, but when we were measuring the room, we realized that the bed frame plus two Lacks plus the lovely 3/4″ thick baseboard would be about 1.5″ wider than the room, no matter how tightly we pushed everything together. One-and-a-half inches! Well, the darn tables are only $15, and we really liked their height, the color (brown-black) and the simplicity, so after we got them home, I went out on the porch with my hand saw and notched the legs so that they hug the baseboard and the tables can lie flush against the wall. That’s right, crafty AND handy. (But I don’t cook. Just bake).

The two long walls on either side of the bed screamed for artwork, so on Daniel’s side, we hung a print of a Matisse that we ordered from the San Francisco MOMA store when we were down there in September.

But I like my side more. I’ve got a collection of John Golden bird prints from Etsy, some stretched fabric over a canvas, and another old advertisement I got with Mom in Vancouver.

You know, hanging art can be so daunting, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if you do it perfectly or not. I prefer organic, random groupings, anyway, and I don’t have a laser level or the patience to carefully mark everything before I drive holes. I like the idea of an ever-growing art wall, so I’m always on the lookout for new art. Etsy is fabulous for inexpensive, but really very creative and original art. Does anyone have recommendations or favorite Etsy sellers or other art sources?


2 responses to “it’s not all yellow…

  1. I freaking LOVE your comforter pattern. Orange is my absolutest most favorite color, but I think Jesse would kill me if I went on an orange spree throughout the apartment! All of our furniture (except for maybe three pieces) in the entire apartment is from IKEA. We literally had nothing, so it was the cheapest way to go, and it all matches and looks pretty! Woot!

  2. I love that duvet!

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