pre-Thanksgiving baking

Full Circle keeps giving us pears. I think we had 10 pears we hadn’t eaten, and they were getting mushy. Tonight I made them into a big pear crisp, which I plan to freeze and take to Spokane for Thanksgiving at my parents’ house. I also made a littler one to test, so we’ll see how it turned out tomorrow when we cut into it.

I also called Dad and asked him what kind of pie the family would like me to bake, and he requested pecan. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get over to Trader Joe’s for pecans (TJ’s has super-cheap nuts!), so it may just be a walnut pie, but I mixed up a crust and put it in the freezer tonight, so I should be ready to bake on Tuesday. Thanksgiving will be smaller than normal this year. I have a brother, a sister, three older step-siblings and a (step) niece, but this year, my step-brother and -sisters will be down in Arizona, where their dad recently moved. Holidays are a lot different with 2 siblings instead of 5. And I know this will be out third holiday season without her, but I do miss my grandma. Well, it will still be fun to bake pies and help with the turkey. And someday, I will get to host Thanksgiving, and it will be awesome.

The weather was horrible and dark today, but I did get a few shots of the TV, since you asked for it.

Yes, those are Christmas lights wrapped around the shelf uprights, and no, they’re not always there. They’re part of the Christmas decorating I did last week. If you look carefully, you can also see a few of the acrylic diamonds I hung from the ceiling above the TV. The effect is lovely when the lights are on, but it’s hard to capture on “film”.

Here’s what it looks like at night.

The TV is fully functional, although we don’t have cable, so it only gets maybe 5 channels. And we haven’t tried out the VHS player since it was painted (don’t really have plans to, either. Who watches VHS anymore?)

I have to show you a close-up of the pictures on the top shelf. They’re real, vintage vegetable and fruit advertisements. The one of the right (where she’s actually clothed, but showing quite a lot of leg) is from the 1930s and the one of the left is from the 1940s. What a difference a decade makes! I love how they’re using sex to sell vegetables! Anyway, I got them when I was in Vancouver this past March with my mom. We went to 21st Century Flea Market at the Croatian Cultural Center. This vendor had literally hundreds of vintage can and box labels, in absolutely pristine condition. The rest of the flea market was great too — I totally recommend it.

I just love my girls and they get a lot of comments when people come over.


2 responses to “pre-Thanksgiving baking

  1. Hello, hello. I found you through NaBloPoMo, and I’ve just added your blog to my list of blogs-to-check-daily! I just love all the touches of bright yellow throughout your apartment. My apartment definitely lacks bright colors right now, and that’s quite sad, because I love color. My boyfriend and I went for a neutral background, but we have yet to really get some bright decorations. We simply must work on it, because I love how the spots of bright yellow look in your place!

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