noisy neighbors

Daniel and I love our apartment. It’s beautiful, and it’s in a great neighborhood. We were so happy to get out of the University District, where every weekend evening drunk co-eds shouted outside the window. At 3 am. For an hour.

In our new building, most of the other units are occupied by young people in their 20s, which is great, because everyone is, for lack of a better word, really chill. With one exception: the unit beneath us, which is shared by three college-aged boys. All they do is watch football (I know this because they yell every time there’s a fumble) and play horrible music. Maybe the music isn’t so terrible when you can hear something other than the bass. I wouldn’t know.

The whole situation makes me angry. I HATE their damn music. I am a really considerate neighbor. I try really hard to keep the volume down on my classical music, and I don’t invite loud friends over after-hours or throw noisy drunken parties. I get on Daniel for tossing his shoes on the ground instead of setting them down gently. I even sweep the leaves off the building’s common walkway every weekend. I would never even dream of playing nasty hip-hop as loud or as bass-y as my downstairs neighbors do, and I’m getting so sick of the damn music.

I’ve always been of the opinion that true adults speak directly to the person they have a problem first. I’ve done that — gone downstairs, knocked, and asked nicely for the music to be turned down, on several occasions. On others, I’ve communicated in a less mature, but more direct way — pounding on the floor. I’m not sure what local law is, but our lease clearly states that between 9:00pm and 8:00am NO noise from other units should be audible in any other unit. Even when I ask or pound, the volume doesn’t go down all the way. Besides the guys downstairs, our unit shares a wall with one other unit and a ceiling/floor with a third. Neither of our other neighbors have ever made more than brief noises.

I guess I’m just trying to vent a little, looking for a little sympathy. Should I contact the property manager? Especially on weekends (when they like to be the loudest), this is really messing with my head. I can’t concentrate, and I’m constantly angry and on edge. What would you do?


One response to “noisy neighbors

  1. Kat

    Did you call the prop mgr? I would! No need to be tortured…

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