just some little things

Just a short one today, because I just got back from taking the entry exam for the EMT program at North Seattle CC. They only take the top 40 (out of maybe 150), so if I never mention the test again, don’t say anything. I’m not even sure if I will enroll if I do get in, but it was worth taking the test, because it’s definitely something I’m interested in looking into (not as a career; right now I’m planning to go to med school. But it would make a good volunteer opportunity, since I already have a great part-time job).

Anyway, the other package I got yesterday was from CB2, and it was awesome. It’s all glassware though, so it was really hard to photograph in the apartment. I got lots of little vases for Christmas presents. I got a bunch of these (one of each style for me and some for gifts, because they’re so cool), and four of these sconces, which look awesome flanking the yellow mirror over the couch. Oh, and I finally hung some artwork!


One response to “just some little things

  1. hi sarah, checked out your site after you commented- and I’m sorry I didn’t find it sooner! You have really sweet taste, I love the yellow accents in your living room and painting the frame of that mirror was brilliant!

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