come on in!

The last time I posted pictures of my apartment, they were of empty rooms! It’s been over 2 months though, and things are looking a lot better (when it’s clean, that is). I’m really proud of my apartment. Even though Daniel and I lived together last year with another roommate, this feels like my first “real” apartment because 1) Everything in it is “ours”, not the “mine & yours” mentality of having a roommate, and 2) unlike the old apartment, with nasty carpet and falling-apart cabinetry, this place is really nice!

I hope no one has dial-up, because here come the pictures:

This is our couch. It’s the single biggest thing I’ve ever bought for myself, and it was a big deal to Daniel and me. We searched everywhere for modern, inexpensive couches that didn’t look like they belonged in our parents’ basements, and in the end, we really liked this IKEA couch the best. With the charcoal gray wool-felt cover and different legs ($30), it doesn’t scream cheap, but it also wasn’t expensive. A lot of the things in the house are from IKEA, like the chandelier hanging above the couch, but I don’t want the place to look like a dorm.

I got this mirror last summer for $10 at a yard sale. At the time, it had kind of a faux-distressed, shabby chic finish to it, which I didn’t really like, but it had great lines. It sat around for a while before I decided what to do with it. I spray painted it bright yellow and put on 3 coats of high gloss finish to make it really shiny. I love how graphic and neo-Baroque the bright yellow looks paired with the traditional shape. It looks like something out of the Brocade Home catalog.

Here is the adjacent wall, with the chair I refinished and the lamp from UO I blogged a long time ago. Currently the bookshelves are filled with all the art I have yet to hang. Most of it will eventually go above the couch, flanking the yellow mirror. The great big print hanging on the wall to the left is one of my favorite pieces of art that I’ve ever bought. It’s pretty glare-y in the picture, so here is a link to the etsy listing. It was a limited edition print, and they’re all sold out now, but Cricket Press is still making smaller (6″ x 9″) prints in a green colorway. I’m a biochemistry major, so I really love the vaguely scientific bottles on shelves.

Here’s another cherished decorative object I’ve recently acquired. When we were in San Francisco, I spotted two of these handpainted Mexican owls from the 60’s, and they were only $5 each! I snapped them both up, of course. The other one is on the tv stand, which I’ll show you guys tomorrow. I love how placid, he looks, presiding over the living room.

And here’s the reading corner, with the big lamp hidden in the nook. Is that chair from the future, or the past? You decide. Right now it’s covered in the strangest of all upholstery materials — fleece. It’s one of a pair, and I’d like to recover them both someday, but for now we’re ok with bright yellow fleecy chairs.

There’s still more to the living room, but the pictures didn’t come out well today, so I’ll try again tomorrow. I still have a couple of things I want to show you before I move onto the bedroom (hint: you can see them in the mirror over the couch).

What are your favorite objects in your living space?

2 responses to “come on in!

  1. It looks absolutely lovely! My boyfriend and I lived with a roommate earlier this year, and luckily, he moved out in March. I know exactly what you mean about feeling different with a roommate around. I finally feel like I live in a home now.

  2. LOVE the yellow mirror!

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