time to start thinking about it…

That’s right, I’m talking about Christmas. We’ve got 6 weeks, which isn’t much if you’re trying to handmake gifts (or, if like me, you’re trying to handmake gifts AND pass all your finals).

Yesterday I stopped at Paper Source in Bellevue on my way to work to pick up blank cards and envelopes for my Christmas cards. Man, I love that store! It is definitely not cheap, but I love being able to pick from every style of every color of envelopes, cards, and blank paper. I settled on chartreuse side-open #10 envelopes and a bright red flat card to fit inside. I like the slightly offbeat bright green envelopes paired with the deep colored, traditional red. I also picked up a rubber stamp of an evergreen bough and a silver inkpad. Here’s what they look like:

I’m also going to try to put together some handmade items for Christmas. I was already thinking about tissue holders for my mom and sister, and probably a tote for my sister too. I’m loving the Handmade Holidays tutorials over at Sew, Mama, Sew! blog. I think my mom would really appreciate a reusable lunch bag, and it gives me an excuse to buy some pretty vinyl for myself, too!

It can be hard to come up with good handmade Christmas gifts. For one, there will always be boys, and you know how hard they are to craft for. And sometimes the rest of your family just doesn’t appreciate handmade gifts. But crafted Christmas decorations are always fun to make! Last year I made a bunch of stuff, but I just realized I hardly blogged about any of it! And I’m already hard at work making more garlands and ornaments for this year, which I will be sure to blog about. Tomorrow I’ll try to get a few pictures of the blanket-stitched garland I whipped up a week ago.


One response to “time to start thinking about it…

  1. Hi There,
    I found your blog through a web search for Dressew- of all things. I’m really enjoying your entries, (and i love love love Seattle).

    I always get annoyed when the stores start hocking Christmas stuff so early- even before Halloween! But when you look at it as 6 weeks . . . eek! . . . not much time at all!

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