september 11

I expected to hear a lot about today being September 11, but so far all I’ve heard is a 30 second clip on NPR. No one is talking about it, it’s like no one is remembering. Last year was the big fifth year anniversary, but I guess six years after the fact, it’s just not a big deal to most Americans.

Both of my parents vividly remember the day JFK died and the day he was buried. They were little, only 7 or 8 years old, but it was just one of those things that defines and shapes the world for you when you’re young. September 11 will always be like that for me. We all remember where we were when we saw those towers fall. It was my second week of high school. I’ve come of age in a post-September 11 world.

This isn’t a political statement, just a gentle reminder to, well, remember.


One response to “september 11

  1. 9/11 will be remembered as the day
    the truth almost was lost to betrayal.

    Speak up, Sarah!

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