another granny square afghan

Everyone’s doing it. I’m probably the last person in the blogosphere to jump on the granny square bandwagon. I’m also the last person I ever thought would actually have the patience to finish a whole afghan, so we’ll see how that goes. So far, though, I’m really enjoying it. I’ve been watching a lot of TV and a lot of Netflix as I crochet these, so I’m all caught up with “my stories”. (I finally saw the last few episodes of Arrested Development…I’m so sad they canceled that show!) Ahem. Anyway…

Perhaps I’ve expressed this before here, but I adore rainbows and spectra. I love seeing color flow from red to violet, gently transitioning from one shade to the next. So that’s how I’m doing this afghan. The squares are about 6.5″ but I’m not sure how many I’ll want. We’ll see how it looks (and how much yarn I’ve burned through) when I get to 48. So far I’ve ordered three batches of this yarn from The small skeins are just the right size for when you need to quickly build a stash of 21 (yes, 21) different colors.

I’ve crocheted since I was 10, and I taught myself the bare basics of knitting in high school, but I haven’t seriously attempted a yarn project in years, and this the the first time I’ve been sophisticated to insist that if I’m going to spend hours and hours on it, I should be using natural fibers. No more Red Heart for me. So while for many a granny square afghan is a stash buster, this project is a stash builder for me.

I’ve been having so much fun with this so far. Granny squares are perfect because they work up so quickly, and each one is it’s own little art project where I get to choose the colors and the width of each stripe. But the overall project is going to be something for me to be really proud of. Of course, I haven’t started weaving in the ends yet, so my enthusiasm may wane once I start that…


5 responses to “another granny square afghan

  1. I really like your spectrum granny squares. 🙂

  2. Love your squares. I too was sad to finish the last episodes of Arrested Development. Don’t start watching Firefly next… Same “I can’t believe they cancelled this” feeling.

  3. Thanks guys! I’ve heard Firefly was so good, though…I’ll just have to be brave.

  4. oh yes… the ends… oh why does there have to be ends???

    Can’t wait to see it put together.

  5. I love your concept of graduated colors! I also quilt and have a a fabric stash of hand dyed graduated colors,yum.Please keep us all posted on your progress,I will look forward to it.

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