new towels

Daniel and I were out shopping this afternoon and I picked up some of these wonderful towels from Target–they were on sale, $4 for a (big) bath towel! The same pattern also comes in a yellow/orange/pink color scheme too. I snagged 4 bath towels and 2 hand towels. They look wonderful in our bathroom, which the previous tenants painted a nice aqua color.

I realize that I’ve devoted an entire blog post about freakin’ towels. Well, here’s a list of why they’re worth the gushing:

1) They were dirt cheap, and you don’t often find such cuteness for $4.
2) For such cheapness, they’re surprisingly soft and plush. They’re pretty dang nice towels
3) Love the graphic motif–the squares remind me of decor8’s recent feature on Moroccan-style interiors.
4) I have a thing for spectra. One color is nice, but various shades of a color all lined up in order makes me swoon.
5) They’re reversible, so two towels in one. Check it out:

Plus, I have finals beginning on Monday, so I don’t exactly have time to craft anything right now. I shouldn’t even be doing this. But I had to share my new eye candy. Maybe after I get some studying done I can take a nice relaxing shower.

4 responses to “new towels

  1. No doubt about it – they are a brilliant find! I haven’t seen the in the blogosphere at all, so Congtats!

  2. Good buy – these are stunning. Such a bargain.

  3. Ha! I forgot that I left a comment the other day about them (at least I’m consistent!) It’s been a long week of sleep deprivation and I guess it shows, hee hee.

  4. These totally stuck in my head. When i was at target the other day, I grabbed some of blue an brown ones for myself. thanks for sharing!

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