my fabulous new chair

Well, here it is! The last coat of paint went on last night and now it’s done. I’m so happy with how this chair turned out!

Here’s the before shot (well, I had taken one leg off before I took this picture). We got this chair from Daniel’s mom, who probably picked it up at a thrift store or something. Doesn’t it have great lines? Tons of potential. It’s solid wood (yes!) but it was covered with old, ripped pleather-looking stuff (ew!). The one good thing about the waterproof exterior is that it kept the foam padding in pretty pristine condition. How old would you say this chair is? I’m guessing it’s from the 70s, but I could be completely off. I do know that if someone was trying to sell this chair on eBay, they would say that it’s “MID CENTURY Modern, VERY Vintage, L@@K!”

Anyway, I took it apart and recovered the seat with one of my favorites from Amy Butler’s Lotus line — it’s called Lacework. Then I sanded each of the leg pieces and last weekend I got to the hardware store to get my paint — for the primer I used the unbeatable Kilz, and the top coat is Behr semi-gloss, and it’s called Porpoise.

I hardly even used any of my paint, so there’s plenty left for other projects I might want to have match. I’m especially on the lookout for another similar, but different chair that I could recover in some other fabric to go with the first one.

I knew that putting the chair back together would probably scratch the paint, so after the first two coats, I assembled the chair before I put on the final coat. Hence the bags.

And then, the chair emerged from its plastic cocoon late last night, revealing my favorite craft project to date:

I can’t tell you how wonderful the weather was today. the sun was shining, I walked around outdoors in a tank top, and it was SO hard to study and go to class! In honor of such springy weather, I hauled my lovely chair down three flights of stairs to get some outdoor shots.

I’ve very proud of my handiwork. I love making things for my house, but you can really only have so many throw pillows, you know? I’m proud of myself for making a “big thing” and having it turn out so well. What do you think?


6 responses to “my fabulous new chair

  1. rhonda

    Well, I for one am very impressed. What a different look from the original. Well done. I recovered my dining room chairs a while back and it was amazing how just changing the seat fabric made such a difference.

    Keep it up!

  2. Wow – That is pretty sweet. I love Amy Butler Fabrics. I just got a chair that is covered in white vinyl, and a bit ripped, so I think it is destined for a re-upholstery job, too. Did you just make a pattern from the old “pleather?”

  3. stacy

    Hi. I saw this on Craftster. I have an old, found it on a corner chair that I’d like to recover, but I’m stuck on whether to just staple fabric over the existing (ugly, stained) fabric or to try to rip the fabric off and be horrified about what I find underneath. What did you do? And did you trace out a pattern for the fabric or just staple gun it on? Thanks!

  4. Hi Stacy, thanks for your comment! Your email address bounced back, so I’ll post this here in case you come back to this blog.

    I would definitely removed the old fabric from the chair before putting on new stuff. Then, if the cushion underneath is kind of yucky, but you don’t want to replace it, I would suggest covering the cushion with a layer of muslin before you put on the top layer of pretty fabric. I traced out a rough pattern, but then I pretty much just stapled.


  5. Wow that is beautiful! You’re right- I had it easy with my chair. I always see chairs/furniture that need some tlc and wonder if it can be done- you’re an inspiration to me- I’m snatching them up next time!

  6. jen

    I followed the link at the bottom of a post on my blog, and… Wow! Amazing! I love the fabric!

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