Grandmother’s Freshcut Lotus garden?

The first order of business after getting home Friday afternoon was, of course, a new project! Inspired by my new charm pack of Heather Bailey’s Freshcut fabrics, I started sorting fabrics into piles–fabric I like, and fabrics I think my sister would like. Between our two tastes, I was able to sort pretty much all of the little 5″ squares.

[I’m so glad that I snuck that little charm pack into my cart last time I bought fabric online. I wasn’t really enamored of the Freshcut line from the pics I’ve been seeing online. It just looked too girly and, well, pink. But after seeing them in person, I’m definitely a fan! I’ve saved a few of my favorite little squares just to put up on my walls, I like them so much.]

The hexagon pattern of a Grandmother’s Flower Garden patch looked so appealing, so I whipped up two. With the brighter of the fabrics, I made a pillow for my sister (shhh, she doesn’t know yet, but she doesn’t read this blog). For the back I used some Amy Butler polka dots.

I’ve been wanting to make something for her for a long time, but I guess I haven’t made the time for it. She’s been going through a rough time lately, and to top it off, in two weeks, I’ll be taking a trip with just my mom, so I think my siblings might be feeling a little left behind.

And then I made another block for myself. The first one turned out a little small, so I added another layer of hexagons. Not sure what I’m going to do with this one. I suppose it’s really only good for a pillow, isn’t it?

The sun came out for the briefest of moments yesterday, hardly long enough to get these shots. As you can see, I’m all prepared for St Patrick’s Day already.

My other projects this weekend involved making 16-avocados-worth of guacamole (excellent!) and working on the aforementioned chair, which should be done tonight, after I get the last coat of paint on. It looks great, and you can be sure I’ll post pictures sometime this week.

One response to “Grandmother’s Freshcut Lotus garden?

  1. dailystitches

    Nice job with the GFG blocks–do you machine piece them or hand piece them?

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