one corner of my home

I just joined the Corners of My Home Flickr pool. I’ve been trying to get my room cleaned up enough to actually take some shots of the pretty things in my apartment, and I finally had a chance to straighten up a little this weekend. This is my favorite “corner” of my bedroom. I know I said that I had to clean up to take these shots, but the table usually is that clean, which apparently is unusual, according to this Apartment Therapy poll. I like having a nice clean bedside table, even though the rest of my room is usually a mess.

There are so many things I love about this little corner of mine. I love the chocolate brown walls — the paint looked so delicious as I was rolling it on. I love the table, because I made it (all by myself!) in high school shop class. So what if the bit of my crappy drill got so stuck that I can’t get it out to put on a pretty glass knob? (Someday I will get around to fixing that…) I love the pretty aqua napkin covering the table, one of a pair from Anthropologie. My best friend in high school made me the beautiful silver-painted box for my birthday. I love pull-chain lamps like this little (cheap!) gem from IKEA. You know how some pull chains feel like they’re going to break every time you turn on the light? This one just makes a nice, sturdy, satisfying click. I love the deer paintings I bought last month from Anna at amodernhome, and I love the bright red pitcher (actually, I love all pitchers) with the gorgeous yellow mums.

I know that potted flowers aren’t supposed to be a very romantic gift, but I’m so glad Daniel gave me these for Valentine’s Day. They’re so cheerful and pretty. Here’s to hoping I don’t kill them.

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