I’ve been doing a ton of stash-building lately (as in, quadrupling my fabric in two months’ time) and I’m just beginning to start using it. Last week I tore the old, ripped pleather cover off of a cool chair with good lines and recovered the cushion with some of Amy Butler’s new Lotus fabric. I’m still working on stripping and painting the arms and legs, but I’ll post a picture of the chair once it’s finished. Meanwhile, until I get to the hardware store for some grey paint, I’ve been sewing a matching pillow using some strips of fabric left over from the upholstery job.

Anna Maria makes circles look so easy! This was my first attempt — without that technique, I would never have tried applique on my own. Not so sure how I like the hand stitching, but it was quick and relatively easy. I stuffed the circle lightly to give it some shape.

I am totally in love with this fabric. The grey is so serene, and the flowers are retro-whimsical and romantic at the same time. Can’t wait to finish the chair!

2 responses to “lacy

  1. I just love that chair. It’s gorgeous and the cushion completes a pretty perfect picture. I can wait to see it finished.

  2. Emily Bergmann

    I love this fabric! I’m trying to find gray and yellow fabric to make runners or tablecloths for my wedding. Can you tell me where you found it?

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