Happy Birthday to me

And I’m back.

First it was school and finals, then it was the holidays, and now it’s school again. But I don’t want to lapse like that again. I’ve done it so many times before (diaryland, xanga, diaryland again…). I want to be a *real* blogger, you know, part of a community. So enough excuses.

My birthday was on Thursday and here are some of the goodies I got for myself with birthday money (and some Christmas money left over).

I love this style of lamp, and they had a really cheap one at Urban Outfitters. The I saw the shade. This thing is so cool — the design is printed on the inside, so you can’t see it unless the lamp is lit, and then it glows so vibrantly. Beautiful, don’t you think?

These are two paintings I bought from amodernhome at etsy. I love the bright yellow. I need to find a place to hang these up right now; next fall Daniel and I are planning to have a yellow and gray bathroom and these will go in there. I also commissioned two more paintings from the same etsy seller for the living room — they should be here sometime next week.

A few more additions to the stash, courtesy of Hancock’s of Paducah. They also sent along a catalog, and man! do they have a lot of pretty fabrics! The two prints at the far left are particularly beautiful — I’ll have to do something special with them.

Yesterday I took my first trip to Daiso! We went to the one at Alderwood, because we wanted to visit the mall, but next time I want to check out the new store in Westlake Center, because it’s bigger. I got three green polka-dot mugs to go with my three solid green dollar-store mugs and six teal saucers from the dump/thrift shop in Manzanita, OR. And of course, the crowning glory of the set: a wee sugar bowl and cream pitcher. I’ve been looking for a cream and sugar set for a few weeks now, but I never expected to find such a sweet one for $1.50 apiece. I love my little tea set so much!

I got all that in just the past week, and that’s not counting the four pairs of shoes my mom sent and an outfit I bought! I’m done, for a little while.

2 responses to “Happy Birthday to me

  1. rhonda

    Happy Birthday to you!

    Nice to see you have posted again. Keep it up!

  2. What a sweet little tea set. Adorable and very chic. I so want one right now.

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