Christmas inspiration

stockings and a garland

I’m getting more excited for Christmas by the minute. The only thing spoiling my anticipation (and getting in the way of crafting time!) right now is school. I’ve got a couple of big midterms this week, and then a paper to start over Thanksgiving. But I’ve still managed to get a few Christmas crafts going this week.

Sarah's stocking Daniel's stocking

Inspired by Alicia’s paper garland, I’ve been experimenting with making some out of tissue paper. I also wound 32 little pom-pons for another Alicia-inspired garland out of some yucky acrylic yarn while watching both the Kill Bill movies last night. I used up all of the yarn I have with me in Seattle, but there’s tons more in Spokane that I’ll pick up when I go home for Thanksgiving this weekend. Making pom-pons is pretty mindless, so it’s a good thing to do while watching TV or something.

But my favorite little piece of Christmas so far is definitely the stockings I made for Daniel and myself. They turned out to be adorable. I love all of the fabrics individually, but I think they really add up to an effect greater than the sum of their parts. The embroidery was a pain, because of course I didn’t use a hoop, but oh well.

embroidery detail

embroidery detail


One response to “Christmas inspiration

  1. Rhonda

    Wow, you are crafty, nice work. You have inspired me. I recovered 6 chairs this weekend and they turned out very nice. They were covered in a dark blue, but with the whole change of colour scheme in the living/dining room, the blue had to go.

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