science experiment

I’ve been into candles ever since the Halloween party. With Christmas in mind, I just got some gorgeous red glass pillar holders at the Nordstrom Rack on Saturday (for $6!) and so I’ve been lighting them in the evenings for some living room ambiance. But the Target “Room Essentials” tealights that Tatiana picked up for the Halloween party don’t seem to be doing so well — they don’t burn very brightly, and they seem to burn out completely in less much less than 3 hours. So yesterday when we went to IKEA to check out the Christmas stuff, I picked up a bag of Glimma tealights, even though we probably have 75 Target tealights left. You can never have too much Glimma.

Being a scientific sort, I decided to test out the two kinds of tealights to see which ones are really better. The Glimma candles have a shorter wick and are hollowed out a little already, I guess to form a better wax pool once the candle starts melting. The wax is noticeably different between the two — the Target candle wax looks grainier. The Target candles said to trim the wick to 1/4″ before lighting, which I didn’t do, and the Glimma candles say that they have a 4 hour burn time, while the Target tealights don’t say how long they burn. Both candles come in packs of 100 for the low, low price of $3.99.

Overall, Glimma well outperformed the Target tealights in brightness, no contest. In the picture below, the two candleholders on the right contain Glimma tealights and the two on the left contain Room Essentials. The Target candles don’t even make the candle holders glow, whereas the IKEA candles are shining brightly and looking great. So far all 4 candles have been burning for about 3 hours, but it looks like the Target ones could burn out at any minute. Will update when they burn out for good.

I love both Target and IKEA, but I think I’ll be buying my candles just from IKEA from now on.


One response to “science experiment

  1. Rhonda

    Nothing like a good science experiment! Nice job. I too enjoy candles, but with my husband being a firefighter, they don’t stay lit for long. Something about burning down the house.

    Anyways, I still like the Glade scented candles, for the price they can’t be beat – for fragrance that is. Still in the process of renovating the living/dining room and I have my eye on candles, holders, etc. Can’t wait to do the accessory shopping.

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