death by chocolate

I love El Día de los Muertos. Ever since the day my high school Spanish teacher introduced me to this Oaxacan holiday, I’ve been fascinated by it. What a cool way to look at death! I love all of the little skeleton figurines and sugar skulls, but my favorites are the ones where they’re not just dead, but also have some other occupation–the skeleton priests, the dead mariachi band, the corpse bride and groom…

So I made my first journey to the legendary Home Cake and Decorating Supply last Saturday to pick up some mini cupcake liners, and I came across these amazing Día de los Muertos bride and groom chocolate lollipop molds. Greil, the owner, told me that the her supplier, Mexican Sugar Skull, said that they were discontinuing that particular mold, so of course I just had to pick one up. And aren’t they wonderful? Apparently los novios is a popular Day of the Dead motif.

I’ve been making them in my spare time for the past week to get ready for our Halloween party on Tuesday. The brides are white chocolate and the grooms are semi-sweet, and then they’re getting wrapped in foil and decorated with Sharpies to make them colorful. I also picked up a little acorn-shaped mold for decorating the tops of the cupcakes, which I’ll be making tomorrow.

I love Halloween!

(P.S.: Christmas is next!)


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