crisp autumn days made better by warm soup

The autumn days have been so gorgeous this year! Last year was my first in Seattle, and coming from Spokane, it was pretty depressing. There are more deciduous trees over here, but when fall is too damp, they don’t turn color! This year though, it’s been really dry, so the trees are all red and it’s been mostly sunny for the past month. And autumn always has me thinking of warm food, most especially soup.

In that vein, I found the coolest thermos when I was at Starbucks yesterday. It’s a gorgeous little bullet-shaped magenta number that’s perfect for holding a lunch’s worth of soup and just the right size to slip into my Timbuk2 during the day. I feel like a little kid again sipping chowder out of the thermos cup. The next thing to try, of course, is keeping milk cold.

The exact same thermos is selling on eBay for $30 (!) shipped (who lives so far from a Starbucks that it’s easier to use eBay?) but I got mine on clearance for $9.95. (Although I’m kinda digging on the orange one now…they only had blue and magenta when I was there).

Also, coming soon: El Día de Los Muertos chocolate molds and Halloween cupcakes!


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