the basics of brown

At the beginning of September, I moved from the apartment Daniel and I were subletting on Phinney Ridge to a 3-bedroom apartment in the U-district. So even though we shared a room all summer, now we have separate bedrooms, in the interest of giving ourselves some personal space to study in, etc.

At first I was thinking that I would go with warm, summery colors in the new room, but I found that everything I ended up buying was brown. I love brown. I use it pretty much everywhere that most people use black. The first brown object I bought was on a trip to IKEA. I grabbed one of every kind of Lingo Flora box and magazine file.

Then I couldn’t find sheets in the color of green I was looking for, so I picked up some brown ones on sale at Target, intending to return them if I came across a color I liked better. Instead, I embellished them. My sheets are a deep chocolate, edged in a gorgeous woven dot trim that I found at Dressew in Vancouver (for an amazing $0.29 / meter! Why did I only buy 4 meters?!?) The comforter cover I bought from IKEA (Thisted Flora) to match the boxes, and is pretty much the main reason that tan became my second bedroom color. I hope my room doesn’t look too matchy-matchy because of it; I just love the print.

One of the reasons that we really liked this apartment when we were house-hunting last spring was that we are allowed to paint our rooms. After trying unsucessfully at two different Kmart locations to get paint mixed, I finally gave up and went to the Home Depot. The paint was twice as expensive, but since the previous tenants had neglected to repaint the walls white before they left, the apartment manager said that he would reimburse us for our paint costs–sweet! I ended up going with flat interior latex from Behr in “Wild Horse” and “Brown Teepee”. I guess subconsciously I must have been going for a cowboys and Indians theme.

Every piece of painting advice I had ever read said to always choose a color a shade or two lighter than what you think you want, because it will seem much darker on the wall. Since I was planning on a very dark chocolatey wall, I did try to go with a slightly lighter shade, and to my surprise, I was actually a little disappointed when I first saw it on the wall. I do love the color now, but I also know that I can trust myself to know what shade I actually want when it comes to choosing paint.

I’ll end this lengthy entry without further elaboration, but rest assured that some of the other accessories in my room are actually colors!

One response to “the basics of brown

  1. Rhonda


    I just recently painted our basement a dark chocolate brown and it looks fabulous. We installed heated ceramic tiled floors, added leather furniture and more. We opted for the tile due to a wood burning stove and 2 dogs in the house and thought it would be the easiest to keep clean. I just finished painting the living and dining room a warmer beige/brown and still not sure how it will look once the room is all complete.

    More importantly, your profile indicated you like alpacas (spelling?). We live in a rural setting, on 5 acreas and just a ways down the road about 1/4 mile a neighbor has a whole fence full of them. There were even a few newborns this past spring. We usually have a community (or road) picnic and he usually bring a couple over for the kids and grownups to pat. Nice animals, but watch out they spit!

    Have a great day

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